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The 2013 Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament

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Pretty pathetic performance tonight. I never would have thought that this team would come out so flat and lazy

It's what happens to a lot of teams when you shoot this poorly. The rest of your game just falls apart.
Do you have a TV cable provider? Don't use FirstRow, log into the March Madness website with your cable details, and get HD streaming for free.

EDIT: Actually, you don't even need a TV provider. This game is on CBS. Free for EVERYONE online. No excuse to go elsewhere.

what am I, bill gates? I dont have cable, or even less than cable
so we needed 30 minutes to figure out that we should attack the basket?
Ross is the only guy on this team I'd consider actually using a draft pick on. Thomas is just to slow footed to be a difference maker at his position. Imagine him trying to guard LeBron or Durant. Oy.

Anyway, I turned the game off as they started making a little run. So guess I'll leave it off to see if it continues.
Too big of a hole dug to come back I'm afraid. Unless Wichita has a complete meltdown, they will win.

Well Wichita is tightening up quite a bit here. These next 2 minutes will decide the game.
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None of these teams are going to manage to shoot 40% today. Holy mother.
None of these teams are going to manage to shoot 40% today. Holy mother.

I was thinking earlier that it was odd in today's college game that more people don't just play a tough zone like Syracuse.

Most team's can't shoot for dick nowadays.
this team is absolutely imploding
Glad when we absolutely needed a three, we had Craft shoot it when Ross was standing wide open.
Cant play 8 minutes of solid basketball and expect to win, not this late in the tourney. OSU didnt play with any urgency and it ended up biting them in the ass.

I'll be interested to see if Deshaun decides to come back
Craft is the most frustrating player ever. Also, Wichita St. got away with probably three 10 second calls...

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