The Cleveland Cavaliers should hire David Blatt as their new head coach!

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Jan 20, 2018
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That's true, and Pops is the only guy who would conceivably hire him. And yet behind closed doors in NBA circles, deserved or not, Blatt's name is a punch line, not a synonym for basketball ability.

Gilbert doesn't like getting laughed at, and promoting Lue has been the only coaching choice the team has made since 2010 that hasn't gotten him laughed at. Made some people angry, but it hasn't been a joke, like firing Lue 6 games into the season, with no plan, only to get shamed by Larry Drew.

These same “experts” laughing at Blatt are the same ones calling Lue a good coach. Their heads are so far up their own asses who cares what they think, as another poster said Blatt had role players playing at elite levels, Lue had proven Vets playing like they don’t belong in the league.

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