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The Kevin Stefanski 2020 Coach of the Year Thread

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Grade the signing

  • A+ -Awesome Analytics Alignment!

    Votes: 54 30.7%
  • A - Good choice moving forward

    Votes: 53 30.1%
  • B - Better than the other options

    Votes: 20 11.4%
  • C - Could work out I guess

    Votes: 30 17.0%
  • D - Browns done put their foot in it again, but at least he looks good on TV

    Votes: 8 4.5%
  • F - A failure on every level

    Votes: 11 6.3%

  • Total voters
He should receive votes at this point, but it has to be Ryans or Campbell right now. Thing is, season is not over, and we play Houston.

If we go on a run with DTR, lets say go 7-1 in our remaining 8 games, grab the 1 seed, and DTR starts to look like Brock Purdy of last year, then he should win COY, but right now seems tough to beat the stories in Houston and Detroit, and COY much of the time goes to the coach with the best story.
I was scared at first, but the Harrison Bryant short yardage package is winning me over. No idea where the ball is going in those situations.
They've even stated he's emergency long-snapper and gameday QB 4 if they were ever in such an odd injury pinch.

I'm still thinking that we'll get a Nick Harris FB Dive handoff on either third and 1 around our 30 or like a second & 2 in a goal to go scenario prior to years end....
This doesn’t do it justice. Stefanski said that so quick without any pause whatsoever and it was such a savagely subtle deliver Grossi couldn’t do anything except make sure he still had balls and a dick
He always clobbers Tony with his setups with quick quips if you've watched enough of these. There's at least on a month during media scrums.

It honestly may be one of the things that's endeared me most to Kevin! ...is just how quickly he flips the setup of Tony's leading shoddy questions to non existent storylines he's hoping to will into existence into a dunk back on that dork Grossi.
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I agree with this guy. In previous years Stef seemed like a glorified offensive coordinator at best, but he seemed to fall short of being a real head coach. This year in my eyes he's made leaps and bounds as a bona-fide head coach, and I think he'll only get better going forward. Nobody is born a head coach, it's something that must be learned. Kudos to KS for not resting on his COTY laurels.
I have not been a vocal supporter but I've never understood the KS hate. I still don't but today I don't understand or agree with the play calls at all. For some reason he seemed to think this was the game to "open" up the rest of the year. I know where the logic comes from just completely disagree, win ugly like last week instead we had one snowball against us in the 2nd half

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