Week 8 post-game thoughts

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Feb 13, 2009
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Excuse the plainness of this week, but I'm just formatting it like this while I work out a legit format for the post-game analysis. Bear with me.

*Front Office: The longer this goes, the more apparent it is that it's more just a collection of talent rather than a great team. It's simply a bunch of talent thrown together.

*Coaching: Another game where the Browns look unprepared, undisciplined, and flat out bad. The challenges were both clearly going to go against us and using both of them cost us a chance to challenge later in the game. How we haven't seen more 12 personnel is mind boggling, especially coming out of the bye. I can go on, but the negatives far outweigh the positives.

*Baker: He played well. Nothing great but nothing bad either. He wasn't in a huge hurry to leave the pocket and made some good throws, including a couple of nice ones to Higgins.

*Chubb: The fumbles were costly. However, he found holes left and right and hit them hard. We can't discount the fumbles, but he ran well.

*OL: Bitonio was bad, the swapping of RG was a head scratcher, and things spiraled as the game went on.

*WR: Odell with another drop. Harris was a reliable target for Baker, as was Higgins, as usual. Callaway was a non-factor. Landry played relatively well. This may go under coaching, but as Baker's clear safety net, why Higgins isn't getting snaps is baffling.

*D: Scheme aside (we played 3-5 yards past the first down marker on 3rd down plays and gave up the middle of the field a ton), overall the defense wasn't bad. Vernon played well, as did Garrett and Ward.

Bottom line is something has to click with this group. Yes, the schedule gets easier, but they look undisciplined and unprepared on a weekly basis. Coming out of the bye, that's especially concerning.​