Week 9 Broncos Preview

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Feb 14, 2009
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Well another week and we're all sitting here scratching our heads wondering what is going on. No one could've expected 3 turnovers on 3 straight plays. But seems we're used to it by now considering everything we've been through since 99'. Now we travel to Denver in hopes the season turns around. Last year at Denver was arguably the biggest win of the season. A close 17-16 victory that had every fan on the edge of their seat. Lets look ahead to the keys to victory and what we can look forward too.

Pressure, Pressure, Pressure - With the news of Flacco not playing. The Broncos will turn to Brandon Allen, who has yet to throw a pass in a regular season game. If the Browns want to make a statement, Myles and Vernon will have to create pressure and get to Allen. The Broncos have allowed 27 sacks on the season. Myles is tied for league leading with 10. Look for Wilks to keep Allen off rhythm and make him uncomfortable in the pocket. Denver is not an easy place to play for quarterbacks. The high altitude does affect throws. We saw that last year with Baker, who seemed to be a bit high on balls to the receivers.

Feed Chubb - Last year, Chubb didn't lose a fumble. In the last 2 games, he's lost 3. The first in the Patriots game was something I don't think any of us have ever seen. Joel Bitonios foot hit it out of Chubbs arm. Losing 3 fumbles will hurt the confidence of anyone. He's been your best player on offense all year. Denver is giving up 108 yards on the ground this season, which puts them at 19th. If Baker is struggling, I like Chubbs chances to keep the offense moving down the field.

Make a Statement - Having playoff expectations before the season and now looking down the barrel of another miserable year. The Browns are going to need to shut some people up. This is the game to come out and do it. We saw a glimpse of what they can do in the Baltimore game. You had everybody firing on all cylinders against the best team in your division, on the road. The Broncos are not the Ravens and don't have the same talent as them. You are going against a QB whose never thrown a pass in the NFL. Vic Fangio hasn't shown he can close out games. The Broncos have lost 4 games by a combined 7 points. Erase your memory from Sunday and turn the season around as we head into the easiest part of the schedule for the rest of the season.

Browns win 26-10.



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Aug 20, 2005
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Please establish the run before throwing the ball downfield. I know it's a cliche left over from the 1970s, however Nick Chubb is the best weapon on the team. The Broncos run a smart scheme, and there won't be big plays coming out of establishing the run early... but I am certain without a doubt that Baker isn't mentally ready to win games by himself yet. Chris Harris is a good cornerback but the rest of the Broncos pass defense is vulnerable. This could make the receivers smack their lips, but don't fall for it. Admiral Akbar died because he got too aggressive and he was in charge of defending the universe. This is just a football game. Establish the run and then go to play-action off of it.


They can actually run the ball fairly well. I know the Broncos are starting one of the 43 career backup QBs with Allen in his name, such an overwhelming majority I can't force myself to figure out which one it is, but they can still run the football. Maintain gap integrity in the front seven because that guy is going to hold the ball too long anyway. The sacks will come... just don't get beat on long runs.

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Jan 19, 2015
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This game feels an awful lot like the Jets game to me

On the road after an unexpected game (sub unexpected game with unexpected 3 game losing streak for this instance), backup QB, and people more weary than they probably should be.

And like the Jets I think we beat the brakes off of them. -4 is an insulting line