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Dec 21, 2008
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How many leagues do you usually play? Is it down this year?

From what I'm hearing is people are just downsizing on the amount of leagues they are playing. That basically will hurt ratings because less potential players to watch could lead to people just picking something else to watch or do. Also there will be people who their one league just doesn't happen and the don't seek out another league.

I usually get a invite to a league every year or people asking to join my league. That hasn't happen at all this year.
I am in more leagues but I am also at the point where a majority of my leagues are dynasty. Seasonal leagues are becoming boring to me now unless there's a cool wrinkle like guillotine or best ball.

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Jul 15, 2008
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I think that might be the narrative that the media might run with initially because no one really ties the NFL success to fantasy football. I think when they get data from companies running fantasy and surveys to find out why their ratings do dip, they will see fantasy football will be the biggest reason why the ratings dropped.

I don't think alot of people feel confident that the NFL has properly protected their players which could create the most frustrating part of fantasy football, certain players not playing. Everyone has had a year where injuries rack up at the wrong time. Add in an illness that could sideline them for weeks or cause them to opt out all together and it makes sense why there isn't any enthusiasm.

I expect Sunday ticket subscription to dip significantly. At&t finally said they want to get rid of Directv in the last couple weeks. They even started to advertise that you can get Sunday ticket without DirecTV if eligible, I don't think I've seen them actually advertise that in the past.

It will be interesting to hear the talking heads argue all of this in the coming weeks.

Just saw this Gallup poll showing that the popularity of sports has dropped rather dramatically over the course of the last year - from a 45% positive rating to just 30%. According to the poll, it is viewed negatively by 40%. The only other industries that are underwater in terms of popularity are pharmaceuticals, and the federal government.

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Apr 27, 2005
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Just made my call to get Sunday Ticket Max for free. I had called in August, but it wasn't an option yet, so the lady said to call back around this time.

This year may have been my easiest and quickest call. I said, "I called in and talked to a lady last month, and she said to call back about now to get set up with my complimentary Sunday Ticket Max...so I'm calling."

She said, "Yep...looks like you qualify for the complimentary package. I'll go ahead and set this up for you."

Easy peasy.

Why did you qualify for he free package?

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