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2023 Cleveland Browns - Regular Season Thread II

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At this point, I’ve seen enough and I think we should give Delpit the extension. I get we can’t keep everyone, but he’s playing at too high of a level to give up on. And it’s not just this year, he was like this in the back half of last year as well.
The vast medical knowledge of Roberto Shenanigans.

Covid taught a generation of bloggers to feel confident in expressing woefully stupid and conspiratorial medical takes online.


Maurice Hurst - Michigan - Don't know what the deal is with his heart, but not taking that into account he's the 2nd or 3rd best defensive player in this draft with Chubb.
Roquan Smith
Maurice Hurst
Denzel Ward
Bradley Chubb

All four of these guys will be Pro Bowlers.

Hurst is the only one left who hasn't, buddy is about to earn it this year.
I see a lot of uncalled holds

Not really, you can call hold on any play, but Trents hands are inside the shoulders.

What i see is allot of quick pass plays to keep our pass rush from getting to Purdy.

I dont care who you are, you arent getting through Trent Williams in 2 seconds or less and that is how quick Purdy released the ball almost every time by design. Its why their offense does so well, quick in stride passes. The motion is designed for Purdy to decide who is getting the ball pre-snap and 3-5 step drop and throw. No 7 step drops, 2 reads only.
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