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2023 Season | Series #33 | Royals @ Guardians | July 24-26, 2023

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Our big three rookie starters now rank in ERA...


In fWAR...


Now, if they can provide length to go with results, we might have something.
Alas, Bieber is our only qualifier in the top 50, at #27, and he won’t be qualified for long…
The Twins lose to Seattle 8-7, in a game that featured seven home runs.

Ryan didn't get out of the fourth inning.
Of course, a Guardians reliever comes in and immediately serves up a walk.
If Arias was a pitcher he would be throwing in the high 90 , kid has a rocket for an arm……
Waiting for gson to tell me Guards and Royals play tight games so expect this 9th to unfold expectedly
Confuse on Curry coming in, I thought he be in line to start Friday

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