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Dec 14, 2011
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Guessing Day told him they were going to explore options in the portal.
Gotta think Cam Ward is a real possibility
Or the kid from UCLA
Eh. He got demoted during the year. I'd only take him if we didn't promise him the job. He'd have to beat out Brown or Kleinholz
I have no idea what to think of with how many kids will be in the portal this year but this is why I am so glad Ryan Day and his staff are in place and not going anywhere...

I think Fleming will be a #1 WR at a lot of other schools and it would improve his draft stock. For the Buckeyes with how they recruit, he is probably #2 WR at best. He probably would be #3 WR again next year. He is a nice WR but he isn't a world beater at anything.

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