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2024 Draft Prospects

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Worthy and Franklin- two dudes who will test out of our window.
Imagine being a Clay Matthews Sr. fan (from the 49ers!) when Clay Matthews IV becomes draft eligible!

Clay Matthews Jr is probably my favorite football player of all time. I would love for his grandson to make the NFL.
this is an important thread because I’m relying on it for updates. Long gone are my days of being able to sit in the couch with friends and watch the combine in between classes.

My work schedule doesn’t really allow viewing in a traditional sense so I have to get excerpts to establish a sense of what’s sizzling. Just want to take a second to thank you guys again for providing updates and taking the time to share.

HR is a bitch but it keeps the fridge full
Browns and old WRs that were mediocre in college, a tale as old as time with this regime. They have to be arguably the worst college WR scouts in the league and I like David Bell.

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