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Annual Trade-Deadline and Ms. Ella Fundraiser

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Jul 12, 2014
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Trade Season is Here!

Help us keep the servers running!

Just hit the Donate Button and it should take you to the Winter Campaign page.

We decided to forego a start of the season fundraiser so that we had time to prepare a lot of goodies.

Everyone that donates $50 or more will get an autographed piece of merchandise from a former or current Cavs players. Could be a card, shoe, hat etc.*

$50 or more gives you an AD-FREE EXISTENCE!!!

One lucky winner will get a game worn and autographed piece of merchandise. Everyone who donates will get an chance to win this.

That's not all! Ben has lined up a super prize for those who donate large amounts and has an announcement for the benefit of Ms. Ella!

And of course, name color changes are still in play!

*PM me your full name and address for shipping.
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If you donate in this drive you will be added to Ben's text chain!

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For those of you who have been following my neighbors trials and tribulations after her house caught fire know that a couple of her dogs died in the fire and her last dog died a few months later. I suspect the combination of smoke inhalation and a broken heart took her third dogs life.

That's what this donation drive is all about. I've gotten a hold of her dog breeder and we're attempting to gift her the pick of the next litter from her dog breeder. The owners of RCF have graciously offered to share proceeds from this donation drive to help me purchase a puppy or two for her. The breeder knows we're doing this and will make sure Mrs. Ella gets her choice of puppies from the next whelping.

She's a Beagle lover (and as her next door neighbor, I'm not) so that's the puppy(s) we're going to get her. This one means something to me so if I've done anything for you please respond in kind if you can. If not for me then do it for the puppy.

We are but fewer than $30 to our goal of $4500!

Next person to donate the difference will be elevated to Green even if their cumulative total is under $50!
And we made it!

Thank you, everyone!

We reached our goal of $4500 (and .69!) which pays the bills and will allow Ms. Ella to choose the pick of the litter.

I will leave the donation box open until completion date to allow anyone who missed the drive, or wants a name color change to donate.

Also, any and all donations, 100% of it, above our completed goal of $4500.69 will go straight to Ms. Ella to buy supplies for her new puppy: Food, toys, crates, etc.

Remember: The Creation of Green, Guardians Blue, Purple and W&G names will be open until 14 FEB.

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