Denzel Ward

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He plays an average of 14 games per season. Has never played less than 12 games.

He already made himself worth that amount of money...that's why he got it :chuckle:

Missing 1/4 of the season every season is not ideal.

soooo yeah, 1/4 of the season missed in 3/4 years..

You can't just magically leave out a season. :chuckle:

52 reg season games played out of a possible 65 = 80% play rate, not 75%... also, at least a few of those were from Covid (mostly out of his control). I def don't think I would consider him injury prone at this point.
...and 15/17. Can't forget that one. He's played 52/65, or 80% of games. Not ideal, but certainly not horrible.
82.2%.. but who's counting. That's way less than the 1/4 the other poster wants to hinge on....
Boy Haslam is not playing around.

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