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Episode 3-11: Clipping Bucks

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@The Oi and @RchfldCavRaised skip into the studio follow two massive wins over contenders to discuss:
  • Jig's travel brings him to Nashville but he intentionally doesn't tell Rch
  • Optimism (Jig) wins out over Skepticism (Rch)
  • Rch eats crow on his expectations of the team and specifically JBB for the Bucks and Clippers wins
  • VR Courtside Seats with Meta Rift VR Headset
  • Love for Okoro's POA defense
  • The return of the Bad Hombre talk with Niangs recent play
  • "What if" from NBA tragedies: Drazen Petrovic, Len Bias, Penny Hardaway and Grant Hill injuries, Arvydas Sabonas in his prime
  • Favorite NBA "Floaters" of all time
  • Projecting the next few games as Garland returns
  • Jig recommends a spooky good read
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Another episode another banger.

thank you both for keeping it going and doing such a great job.

Suggestion: maybe go through the trade recaps for the major teams.
Touch on how the other playoff teams around us are doing. You all do this sometimes.
Always good when you do audience questions, call ins, or guests.

Still waiting for the Rchfieldcavsraised and his dad to broadcast for a game!
100% on Niang being the chippy, mean guy on the team along with Tristan.

He absolutely gets under guys skin, he gets physical, he shit talks all game long.
We gotta get in again.

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