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XFL x USFL Merger

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Apr 18, 2010
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I haven't seen this talked about yet, but thought it was worth throwing up. Admittedly haven't watched much of the XFL since they came back, but this is actually really important/interesting due to the NFL's relationship with the XFL. There's been quite a bit discussed over the past year about how the NFL and XFL want to work together to grow the game of football, and the XFL has been used as a testing ground for new rules that could potentially be implemented in the NFL.

Also, the NFL-AFL merger was obviously incredibly important in getting to where we are today. I'm not suggesting this is equally important, but at the same time I guess you never know what these things can become, especially if you might have the support of the NFL.

If a merger is approved, that means they will have teams in the following cities:
  • Arlington
  • Birmingham
  • Detroit
  • D.C.
  • Houston (x2)
  • Las Vegas
  • Memphis
  • New Jersey (Ironically plays in Canton)
  • New Orleans
  • Orlando
  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • San Antonio
  • Seattle
  • St. Louis
Who knows what the league will actually become, but one would have to assume it's the next logical step in creating some type of minor league system for the NFL. You also have to wonder if it can eventually become a path for kids who don't want to go to college or are unable to qualify due to grades. Will be interesting to see how NIL rules change at the college level because that could potentially influence guys wanting to go play in the XFL instead of going to school.

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