2019-2020 Cavaliers fantasy trade thread

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Sep 7, 2008
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Been thinking about it and they should try to trade KPJ and Darius to Houston along with the unprotected Bucks pick and as many other picks as they want for Harden.

Collin is a great pg to pair with Harden and would benefit immensely from his gravity. Basically the idea is to pair Harden with Sexton and Love. Drummond would be the expiring that can actually play and then 2 young prospects with upside an unprotected pick and lightly protected picks.

I hate Harden pretty much, but that team would be better than most teams in the east. Probably could compete for the ECF.

I don't actually want to do it, but I thought about whether this team could be better than that when it actually gets good, and I doubt it. Love will be too old. You could get a few years of Love left and compete. It will be Collin's team by the time Harden is done, and maybe Okoro develops in the meantime.

Today they maybe don't make this trade, but if Garland really does look good, maybe it is suddenly pretty appealing. I would pretend to not include KPJ at first, say he was untouchable and then try to replace a pick with him or something. Also, if you can get it done before Giannis signs his Super max? Who else has an unprotected pick? Just NO. I don't think Harden fits for them. Does OKC have an unprotected pick? 3 picks, 2 potential player and a playable expiring to clear your books in the meantime seems pretty appealing. I think it would be easy to sell Houston fans on because their cupboard is bare, and KPJ is pretty exciting. Starting him with Garland would be fun.

and even Cedi are really good fits with Harden. It makes more sense than I am comfortable with.