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2021 Series #15 | Indians @ Tigers | May 24-27, 2021

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Almost better that the no hitter is over, I feel like Bieber's been overworked a bit this year. His velocity seems down and he's been walking way too many particularly as of late.
Yes, his walk rate of 8.3% is nearly double his 2019 Cy Young season (4.7%).
Zimmer has now played 18 games this year.

He did not K in four of them.

He has Kd three times in four of them.
I feel like we face Derek Holland at least three times a week.
He won the Cy Young last year (2020) with a 7.1% rate, as another reference point. I believe he was 4th in the CY in 2019.
My error on Cy Young season but the trend line remains not good.
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Zimmer has the highest OBP on the team but the lowest batting average. I see a trend.
Eddie Rosario now has 11 hits in his last 24 at-bats. Finally his stick is coming around and not a moment too soon with Reyes going down. He had a home run and a double of lefties today. Now if somebody could teach him how to make a sliding catch...

Harold Ramirez is contributing with his bat and speed on the bases.

Great to see Bieber pitching like Cy Young Bieber again.

How many bunt attempts is Cesar going to foul off before he gives up trying?

Altogether a successful road series, winning three of four, although against a pretty bad team. Too bad we couldn't have scraped two runs together yesterday and gotten the sweep.

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