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2021 Series #21 | Orioles @ Indians | June 14-17, 2021

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I think it's based on how effective they feel the reliever was. Nelson gave up a couple hits and allowed an inherited runner to score. Stephan was shutdown.

This was kind of an easy choice. He retired all 5 batters and entered with an inherited runner. So of the eligible pitchers for the win he pitched the longest and was very effective. The other day the decision was much more random.
Nice sweep, will p/u a game either on the Sox’s Or Astros tonight, if somehow we can at least take 2 out of three against the Pirates, will pickup a game or 2 on either the Sox’s or Astro’s over the weekend……
Feels great to win... If Eddie can get some power steam coupled with a healthy Franmil to go along with this reinvigorated lineup.. We have something here boys. Not a champion yet, but a real bonafide contender.
Clements BA has tumbled in the last day or so also. Concerned
A few thoughts...

Lo and behold, Tito didn't run out of relievers, in spite of getting only 16.2 IP out of the starters in the last five games.


Being concerned about the pen wearing out is legitimate...because it is obvious. When the rotation averages less than 4 IP per start its gonna happen, no matter how it gets managed.

And as soon as a reliever gets bombed, which happens to all relievers, somebody is gonna post an I Told You So, and blame it on Francona.


We are in a perfect scenario for the situation we are in...our kiddie pitchers getting their feet wet against lesser offenses.


The offense is beginning to come around.


I love kids who are selective at the plate, put the ball in play, and are willing to go the other way. Right now we have a bunch of them.
Was David Ortiz not a hard worker? Bartolo Colon? Prince and Cecil Fielder? Vlad Jr.? Babe Ruth?

I'm not sure what your fascination is with shitting on baseball players for their weight, but even if that criticism were valid, isn't Bradley, who dropped a ton of weight, deserving of praise rather than even more condescension?

I cant thank this comment enough. Bradley has dropped 30 pounds or so and has lowered his fat content probably by 40 pounds. Amazing hard work through a pandemic.

My only issue with Bradley is he might need to button one more button on his shirts, lol
Among other things. They want to keep him semi-stretched out and maintain a starters routine, but also wanted to work and develop his stuff a bit in a stress free environment. They love the tools and his willingness to embrace the pitching culture, which some others have fought a bit when coming over from different organizations.

Outside chance they give him a chance to start a game this year, but I doubt it.

With our Opener-follower while stretching pitchers out, we could get him a start or two, but it's likely we stay with the guys who have been starting in the minors...

Do you think next spring he will get stretched out as a starter?

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