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2021 Series #3 | Indians vs. Tigers | April 9th, 10th, and 11th

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Sweeping a team is always impressive early on, we're about where we expected to be opening up vs the Royals and Kitties at 5-3. Curious what we do vs Chw and Min. This pitching staff as a whole is playoff worthy. Always been.
At the end of the series.. a sweep..it appears there are some bats that could be effective against ML pitching.. a better staff should reveal that more in the coming 10 games. What is clear is the starting pitching is clearly a strength of the club.. so is the defense in spite of the "flavor of the day" approach in CF.. The pen could be better.. but only a little more effective.. Both Karinchak and Clase need to find the strike zone earlier in their outings.. if they do that.. then just about any game that the tribe has a lead in after the fifth inning.. is probably going to stay that way..

Onto Chicago and their "depleted" offense...
More good stuff.

Allen looking like a solid #4.

Bauers continues to demonstrate why he needs to be in Columbus or DFA'd. How long can the Indians deny the obvious? He's under .100.

Gimenez with two balls hit right on the screws after the HR yesterday. They've got him leading off.

The defense continues to shine. Another day with no errors and the double plays get turned.

Reyes continues the great start to his season. With two men on late in a close game he didn't try for the home run but just slapped the ball into right field to drive in the insurance run and keep the line moving which set up two more runs.

The bullpen gives up one run in four innings - I'll take it. A little concerned about Wittgren especially since that home run was on a fastball at the letters. Batters can't square up a good fastball at the letters. Shaw was impressive. Karinchak and Clase just needed a few pitches to get their locations dialed in.

Great baserunning by Eddie. First he stretches a double, then steals third, and later scores from third on an overthrow from the outfield.

Things are gradually coming together.
Titos in a walking boot.
yes - and from above - a couple of my buddies have wondered if he makes it through the season, much less manage next season -- fingers crossed
How do you like the sound of...

'First place Cleveland Indians'?

In a few minutes, you may hear it.

The Twins had a 6-0 lead after five, but Shoemaker gave up four runs without recording an out in the sixth.

Seattle scored another run, and trailed 6-5 after eight.

But Colome collapsed in the top of the ninth, giving up two singles and a bomb to the first three batters.

Seattle leads 8-6 still batting with a runner on and one out.....
Carlos Santana has homered in the top of the ninth for KC to tie their game with the Chisox.

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