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2023 Season | Series #39 | Guardians @ Reds | Aug. 15-16, 2023

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Tabler: ...like that are momentum crushers.

Followed by 30+ seconds of silence...
Rocchio is moving up the list of players with the most replays.

And the most replays that don't actually make any sense why they were called the way they were lol
I wonder if he goes to concussion IL, who is our second catcher and who are we cutting to add them?
Your second catcher was just activated for tonight's game.
You are not gonna win very many games when committing four errors.
What was that ump seeing? Two blatant strikes called for balls.
Closer to the Tigers than the Twins.. and the Kitties are coming
Bo needs to get better at catching throws from the outfield and applying tags. Also, his swing is too long. Finally, his throws to second are way off to the right field side, too wide to get anybody out. He had a brutal game but in general his throws are way off target.

We're usually not going to beat a quality lefty and tonight was no exception. Nice to see Arias hit a home run off a lefty, though, and what an impressive blast it was; 439 feet to the right of center. It reminded me of a Franmil Reyes home run.

Heck, it was nice to see him hit a fair ball off a lefty; they've been few and far between.

Syndergaard gave up four runs on two dingers; he's a long way from being a decent starter. Two decent starts and two bad ones so far. He's alternating good and bad starts.

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