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2024 Season | Series #11 | Angels @ Guardians | May 3-5, 2024

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I thought Floriea was a solid Defensive OF , seems like he DH more ?

Hmm... He is supposed to be good, but my guess is, his best spot is RF... We have Brennan and Laureano our there normally and both of them are normally plus there... I am guessing he is lesser than those two?
Cookies day is done, and it was a good one.
Though Manzardo is the call-up IF Kwan goes to the IL...
Schnee is getting some OF reps in, I think there can be room for him even if Manzardo is called up. Laureano looks like crap. I don't expect it to happen immediately but things are trending in that direction.
Last night StL and the Chisox had to wait out a three hour rain delay to get one at bat in. Bottom of the tenth, bases loaded, two outs, Chicago up 6-5.

The final pitch was a questionable called third strike down and away. The 14 fans left booed lustily.
Freeman leans his thigh into a breaking ball for another HBP.

Old friend Adam Cimber on the mound.
Arias has 8 Ks in his last 12 at bats.

The short hot streak is over.
Arias with a strong play in the hole for the second out of the 8th.. very nice..

...followed with a play to his left with the same results..
Its the Progressive Insurance Runs inning.
Jose is semi intentionally walked...swipes second...to third on the bad throw.

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