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2024 Season | Series #6 | Guardians @ Red Sox | April 15-18, 2024

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Nine up, nine down for Herrin, Gaddis, and Clase. Way to close out a game!

Carrasco with his fourth start and each one was better than the last. Excellent job today as he pitched in to the 6th with just 2 runs allowed, and one was given up by Cade Smith, who inherited a runner on first and two out.

If I were Vogt I would have let Cookie pitch to Raffaela with two out and a runner on 1st in the 6th. The guy was hitting .156. But Vogt brought in Cade Smith, thinking Smith would get him for the 3rd out. The risk is that if Raffaela gets on it brings up the left-handed hitting Duran, a .300 hitter, with two on.

Well, Raffaela bloops a hit off Smith and now he has to face Duran, who clears the bases with a triple. If Cookie stayed in and gave up a hit to Raffaela, Vogt could have brought in Herrin to face Duran for a lefty-lefty matchup. If he doesn't get Duran the next two hitters are left-handed.

Cookie was great after the first inning when he walked two batters and barely escaped. Josh Naylor could have helped him on the ground ball that hit first base, but he missed the bag with his foot.

The Red Sox can't hit for shit but this was still a nice outing by Cookie as he continues to improve.

The Guardians got lucky in that Tyler O'Neill and his 1.209 OPS missed the last three games after a rare collision on a pop-up. O'Neill might have made the difference in both the one-run loss today and the extra-inning loss in game 2. We'll see him next week in Cleveland, unfortunately.

The Guardians had two runners thrown out on the bases, including Freeman getting picked off. But he made up for it with a double and then scored the winning run.

After Fry's double Jose flied out deep to right to get him to 3rd. Naylor lined a single to right that would not have scored Fry if he was on second. Jose's long fly with two strikes on him was essential to get that run. Great piece of hitting.

The Red Sox made two infield errors which led to three unearned runs in a 5-4 loss. They also threw a wild pitch with Freeman on second with nobody out. He would not have scored on Laureano's sharp single to left if he were still on second.

The Red Sox basically gave us four runs, but we needed those RBI singles by Gimenez (twice), Josh Naylor, and Laureano to win.

In the second game the Guardians were up 5-1 but the Sox came back to take a 6-5 lead. I thought it was deja vu today when another 5-1 lead was cut to 5-4, but the bullpen shut them down cold.

Hard to believe that Arias and Rocchio managed to screw up Wong's pop-up that would have ended the 7th inning. Wong is hitting nearly .500 against the Guardians and already had two homers in this series. He's the last guy you want to give another chance to. After they failed to communicate and muffed the pop-up I was sure he would hit it out to tie the game. But Herrin got another pop-up and this time it was caught. Herrin had to get Wong out twice thanks to those two knuckleheads.

Another game, another balk with a runner on third. I think Smith just slipped off the rain slick rubber in this case. But this crap has got to stop.

Bo hit the ball hard three times in a row but with just one hit. He's making hard contact, though, which is good to see.

Clase's pitches are very impressive but Raffaela, the #9 hitter, lined out to right field and Duran drilled a hard ground ball to second. This is why Clase needs to start innings with nobody on base. His pitches are very hittable, but he keeps them mostly on the ground.

The Guardians are 10-3 on the road. Nobody saw this coming, especially with 9 of those 13 road games in Boston, New York, and Minnesota.
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Sloppy game, but found a way to win.

Carrasco still got it. If not for a freak BIP that bounced high off 1B, he'd left scoreless.

Would be nice to get Jose going at home vs Oakland
Cookie ALMOST got through the 6th…

Who’s Cade Smith? HE sure came in and started setting things on fire. Would have been better to just let cookie finish the inning.

Stellar job by the rest of the bullpen. When Herrin, Gaddis, and Clasé all have ERAs 1 or under, Vogt DOES look like a genius. Those dudes threw 36 pitches, 25 for strikes, and combined for 4 Ks. Good shizzle!
Game highlights. Go Guardians!
I’m surprised you fellas aren’t more jacked that the Tribe has the second-best record in baseball. I feel like I’m trying to make Joan Baez laugh, here.
I’m surprised you fellas aren’t more jacked that the Tribe has the second-best record in baseball. I feel like I’m trying to make Joan Baez laugh, here.
We are more jacked that the Guardians have the 2nd best record in baseball.

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