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Do we still have access to our old teams? or you going to run sets before you want us back on the excel sheets?
Do we still have access to our old teams? or you going to run sets before you want us back on the excel sheets?

Feel free to make changes to the sheet or just tell me what you want changed. Need a link? I will be running sets semi-regularly as we fill the remaining spots.
Ran two sets and posted an article on the home page of the leaguelineup website. I'm in need of GMs to fill the remaining spots. So, please get in contact with me if you are interested!

Go check out the Power Rankings. We have finished 9 games out of the 24 in the season!

Be sure to check out our chat website and our spreadsheet with all the league info. Stats and standings are at the leaguelineup website!

Chat site: http://us20.chatzy.com/13095053743919

Spreadsheet with team info:https://docs.google.com/a/heidelber...pRLLSLqHsXMAFppvv7cZuOxxq0hq6OsXX8/edit#gid=0

Stats and standings website: www.leaguelineup.com/jbabasketball


Portland FireballsKevin
Los Angeles WaveCassity
Phoenix Beats
Kansas City Kings

Denver FuryJeff
Las Vegas Money $hots
Houston JetsJake
Memphis BearsJimbo

Cincinnati Silverbacks
Columbus BloodWolvesLoki
Chicago Spitfires
Detroit DragonsNtG
New York EmpireJeremy
Philadelphia Freedom
Baltimore BravesHughes
Boston Rebellion
Okay, everyone. I'm really going to get this thing going full-speed, so I need to figure out who is going to be on board and who isn't.

@Triplethreat , @sjhughes, @Cassity14, @Loki478, @NtG @killerkev369 etc.

I need you guys to save the links to the spreadsheet, the chat, and the league stat website, but also, please go over to http://jbabasketball.freeforums.net/ and sign-up with your team name. All official league communication will be going on through that message board over there. I'm not going to run many sets until we have the league filled, so we need to get everyone signed up and ready to go.

Loki, please chat with Jeff for me. I have him still down for Denver.
@gijimbo, you need to bring this back....

I could look back through the old files soon, if there was any interest.

We had a lot of fun with it!

I sometimes go back to the google sheets and reminisce. Was a blast.
No clue why I thought about it the other day but started laughing and was like damn we need to get this rolling again haha.
Well do you need more peeps so you can get this rolling again?

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