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Cedi Osman Goodbye & Good Luck

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Another example of why you don't want to give up on young players too soon, a lot of guys are kind of bad their first 2-3 years in the league and then start to figure it out. The Cavs were patient with Cedi, they didn't panic trade him like a lot fans wanted, and now they're reaping the benefits. Happy to see him to start to have some success.
Cedi along with Rubio really kept us in the game last night. We were a mediocre game from Mobley away from winning.

Props to the Cavs for not giving into fan pressure and letting a young player actually develop with us.
He got royally fucked. 5 points taken away that were legit
When Cedi can be "Cedi", the hype is real. Love what he's been doing off the bench.
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He has to be the most chaotic player in the NBA.

Goes from 30% to 41% from three in a season. Can't get minutes to begin the year and now he's finishing games for us. And then he tries to run the offense like it's Turkey's national team and plays atrocious defense.

When he handled the ball tonight I could never tell where the fuck he was going with it, but he ended up scoring anyway. :chuckle:
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His free fall started when Sexton joined the team, his rise began with the new coach and Sexton being away.
So how sustainable is this version of Cedi? :chuckle:

Dude has been scorching earth from three this year at 43.6% on 6 attempts per game/9.5 attempts per 36 minutes. He's attempting more threes per 36 minutes than all but 13 players in the NBA. 69% of his shot attempts are threes. And the thing is, even on 2s, he's shooting 59.5%, including 82% at the rim. For reference, Giannis peaked at 84% at the rim and LeBron at 80% so he's right in the middle of those two, though obviously his attempt rate is significantly lower.

All coming together for him to average 19.1 points per 36 min on 64.5% TS, +9.5% above league average. Last year, Cedi averaged 14.6 points per 36 min on 48.8% TS, -9.4% below league average since shooting efficiency was higher last season before the rule changes. So this year he's managed to become about 19 whole percentage points more efficient in scoring. Even compared to his career before this year, he's sitting 11.3% above.
His free fall started when Sexton joined the team, his rise began with the new coach and Sexton being away.

He's been playing good ball the entire season.

The turn around this year started when we were getting blown out by Phoenix and Bickerstaff just put an entire bench crew in and they got it relatively close largely behind Cedi.
His free fall started when Sexton joined the team, his rise began with the new coach and Sexton being away.
Soon fans on this forum will be blaming Sexton for world hunger too.

Cedi struggled because the team had been asking him to do too much the past few years due to injuries and lack of talent on the roster after Lebron left. They had Cedi playing PF and PG. Now that he has been given a very defined role he is playing very well.
I'm still traumatized by his play last year. When he gets the ball and starts to dribble I hold my breath. However he's amazed me with his decision making and confidence on those plays most of the time. And when he's on fire he tries to get the crowd and team hyped.

Just a complete 180 from last year.
Amazing what happens when you let a player play his actual game instead of miscasting him as something he's not.

It's shocking to use him as a wing instead of a forward. Go figure.
Agree but I think there is a second part to that which is asking him to minimize attempting to also be a playmaker for others, unless the defense completely dictates it by overloading on whoever the primary ball handler is. the past two seasons, Cedi had so many wild turnovers trying to playmake on the fast break and in halfcourt,

The work he’s put in on his shot mechanics seems noticeable to. Has finally locked in on a consistent repeatable motion and platform, whereas in previous seasons it seemed like he had several different shot mechanics/angles, sometimes pushing through with his arms, sometimes flicking the wrist. this year he seems to really have mastered using his arms as the platform/placement and using his wrist for the actual shot.

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