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Cedi Osman Goodbye & Good Luck

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What is Your Favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode?

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  • Darmok

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  • Chain of Command I and II

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  • The Measure of a Man

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  • Yesterday's Enterprise

    Votes: 4 10.8%
  • Q Who?

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  • Who Watches the Watchers?

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  • Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

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  • The One Where Worf Got His Ass Kicked

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  • All Good Things...

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I'm on the fence every game lol....I think he comes back to earth somewhat but hopefully doesn't completely lose it like last year.
If they could add him to our 22 first rounder and get a wing piece that would be here for awhile I'd pull the trigger.
Not Caris Levert.
Like who? Based on salaries, you need someone making about 10-12 million per year. Who is that wing that you're dumping our two best wing pieces (I'm making an assumption on who/what we will draft next year) for?
I like Cedi. He’s just one of those guys who needs to be stopped before he tries to ”create” off the dribble in a half court offense.

His handle is very good when he is speedy and not great in the half court. He turned it over in the corner last game as a "cedism".

I would only let him handle in the half court at the top of the key, and even then he ought to give it up without an immediate advantage.

I swear playing faster is better for him. He looks like he has woken up and is playing all out, instead of trying to play too fast in a slow offense and screwing up. Ricky and Love are really good for him because they make such fast decisions and Rubio is semi-reckless driving into traffic.
Cedi is shooting 46.4% from the field, 41.2 from the 3 point line this year.

TBH, I'm thrilled, I had him written off by last year.
And I believe he is locked up on a friendly contract. He keeps this up and after 28 games I do not see why he wouldn’t then he is a steal
To be fair he did not say anything negative about Sexton. The conversation was just about his injury(along with other injuries) and not about his game. He did not comment on the other injured players as well, but it kind of stood out to me, since Sexton's injury is more serious. He could have something like we missed him. So it is a largely my inference that Cedi would like someone who does not share the ball at all. But it was obvious that he like the four guys(garland, rubio, allen, mobley) better.

I could see Cedi having some dislike for Sexton because he has gotten alot more freedom to find his NBA game than Cedi got while they basically came up during the same time period. Cedi was asked to play very different roles while Sexton got to play what best suited him.
I can't believe I'm writing this.. but when do we get Cedi back in the rotation?? Should be nearing a return, and we need G/F help in the worst way.
So when is the "return"? Someone in here said 3 or 4 days ago that he would be cleared any time...
its been like 12 days.
Really think it had to do with his thighs...Not enough lift on those 4th quarter 3’s ? (As most of you know it’s been a huge concern of mine for over a year now)

Being yo-yo’d with your rotational minutes can compromise the luscious-ness of ones 4th quarter thighs...
Had no issues tonight


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