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Rate the last movie you saw

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It's a bad movie
I finally sat and watched it with my wife and grand-daughter. I thought it sucked greatly. (Although I didn't let on what my opinion was, I enjoy hanging and watching movies with them regardless of the quality of the show).
We just watched the Mauritanian on Netflix, another movie based on a true story well worth watching.
Back to the christmas movies.

USA Today had a list of 20 best Christmas movies

The movie that has me curious in the list is The Holdovers, which they ranked at 8. It's a new movie in theaters and also out in the expensive tier of rent/buy. I was surprised to see a brand new movie so high on their list.

Has anyone see it?
Saw it on a flight. It was a really well-acted movie with a decent story. Giamatti was as good as he always is. His costars were great as well.

Best line: “Fuckin asparagus!”
Home Team. 8.8/10.

Inspired by the true story of Sean Payton leaving the NFL to coach his son’s middle school football team. Supposedly it’s pretty dead on to the real story. I’d recommend it strongly, especially if you’re into sports docus.
Just finished reading Dune in anticipation of Part 2 coming out next weekend.

I re-watched Part One. Part One was a better viewing experience having read the books. They didn't change a ton in the first part. We'll see how the second part goes. It's getting great reviews. Evidently Part 2 finishes the book, but there's supposed to be a Part 3 coming which covers who knows what.

I also watched the original movie again. It is so bad and deviates so much from the book. I mean, what's up with that floating thing in the very first scene?
but there's supposed to be a Part 3 coming which covers who knows what.

Frank Herbert wrote 6 Dune books in all, and the current Dune director has floated creating a movie based on the 2nd book, Dune Messiah.

the reviews for the part 2 Dune movie could not possibly be better.
Dune Part 2 was so good. I just finished the book, so I had a lot of the plot in my head, so I'm not sure how it would be for the non-reader to follow. There were some differences from the book but not a ton. It would be difficult to get it all in like as it was with LOTR. Too much material.

The visuals and the soundtrack were awesome. The acting was superb.

I recommend sitting as close to the screen as you can handle. I was second row, and I felt immersed in it all. There were some scenes that were just WOW.
Just invited this guy to my daughter’s preschool graduation.
You sure that's a guy?

There is a distinct lack of plums.

0/4 Stars.


Shit sandwich.

@The Human Q-Tip @Marcus

This film was awful. Terrible casting. Terrible plot. Terrible handling of the history.

It is worse than Braveheart from an historical point of view. Without the actual wonderful story nor structure.

Awful cinematography with Scott's obsession with blue filters that renders sterile one of the most voluptuous and visually sumptuous eras of art and fashion in history. Completely loses the thread of the feeling of the era or the things that animated so many changes.

As a Brit, Ridley Scott has as much clue about the French Revolution and Napoleon as a North Korean has about democracy and baseball. This version of Napoleon is basically a History Channel treatment of events as conjured by British propaganda and 5th Grade Book Reports.


He can't even get the relationships right. How do you have a biopic on Napoleon without Jean Lannes in it? Or, but it has Ney because that is a name every British kid knows.

The sole highlight are the costumes. They look great even under the self-imposed austerity of the teal and orange filters Scott enslaves with every shot.

Just utterly, and holistically awful. Giant, steaming, pile of shit. Embarrassing. It is like making a biopic about Washington wherein they turn George a drag-queen.

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