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SB 57

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Jan 9, 2009
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Eagles vs Chiefs.

Dak Prescott receives Walter Peyton Man of the Year and Eagles fans boo him. My wife’s people.
Someone about 15 minutes ago was trying to dump their SB tickets. 4th row up from lower corner. Cheapest tickets on ticketmaster at 3800/each
The twitter reactions to the Dak booing are hilarious. Half think it’s on brand and perfect. The other half are indignant.

I strongly suspect Dak would fall in the first group. He’s knows how Philly rolls.
First game I've watched all season. Hope it's a good one.
I have money on the Chiefs tonight, but Philly looks like they came to play. Great first drive.
Not too happy about QR code advertisements being back.
I'm horny for the Browns to get to this level.
Serena retired from tennis to do endless commercials I see.

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