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The 2013 Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament

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No ball movement, let me try and take you myself or hoist a jumper. No good. OSU is playing decent D, but they're giving up way too many offensive boards. I was hoping to see some intensity out of the half. Not coming back if they don't step it up.
Carl Hall set the tone for this game. OSU is scared to go inside now.
Unless there is a major change, Bucks aint winning this one. Wichita is just doing everything better right now.
Shockers want it more right now. The Bucks are more than capable of making a run but I cant see it happening, not tonight.
I'll say this about Wichita State, they are WELL coached. They're playing very, very, discipline basketball. I can see partly why they've made it this for, but there's no excuse for Ohio State to be getting embarrassed like they have.

You don't match the intensity level of the other team this far in the tourney, I don't care how good you are, you'll be watching the rest of the tourney.
If Craft doesn't nut the fuck up and shoot some of these wide open shots and make them...no way we're getting back in this game. Can't play 4 on 5 the whole fucking game.
The lack of effort this team is showing with a trip to the final 4 on the line is utterly amazing.

Tribe starts on Tuesday everyone, but they'll probably just end of disappointing me too.
Not that it matters much now, but that was a phantom call on the 3-point attempt.
Pretty pathetic performance tonight. I never would have thought that this team would come out so flat and lazy
Wow, maybe they are for real. I am stunned. I can say with pretty good confidence Ohio State is done. Congrats WS.
Where did I say they stink? I think they're a solid team, not a team as good as the remaining teams left. I just don't think they're "this good" where they're capable of beating a team like Ohio State by double digits. If I see more of this in the second half, then maybe I'm sold.

Please, Gonzaga was overrated. By far the weakest number one seed in the tourney. Barely survived their first game.

Ugh, I didn't say you said they stink. I used the words you used. So...yea.
This may surprise you, but I'm not putting the blame for this stinker on Matta.
I think this Wichita team can put up a good fight against pretty much everyone on this tournament. They are playing good basketball out there.

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