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The "What are you playing now?" Thread

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Jack Brickman

Aug 12, 2012
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Starting this thread because I was thinking it was kind of stupid to start a new thread for every game we play, particularly games that didn't just come out. So anyway, what are you playing now, and is it any good?
I'm still playing through Dead Island: Riptide and it's decent. But I really enjoyed the first one, so there's that.
still been playing the newest fight night. Love it and mlb 2k
I'm playing MLB the show 2013. It's pretty good.
i found a new weird subgenre of porn that I like, so thats cool
nono, too weird, even for me to own up to.
I bought the Rapture edition of Bioshock (it comes with Bioshock 1 and 2 with some bonus shit)...so I've been playing Bioshock. I also bought Bioshock Infinite at Family Video..will obviously have to wait until I beat the first two to play it.
ya that box del pandora will never be opened. im refuse to talk about or have anything other than military position sex. bad things happen when you tell people shit like that.
Replaying the Mass Effect series, Halo 4, and Fifa. I'm too nasty in Fifa
I just got Far Cry 3 a couple days ago. Game is freakin awesome. But I've encountered some problems with it not saving and it freezing and stuff. Kind of ticks me off but overall is pretty good.

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