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2023-24 Season | Game #59 | Cavs @ Pistons | March 1, 2024 | 7:00 p.m.

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I totally get where you’re coming from and he can become infuriating with his inconsistency but how about this novel approach…..that our coach actually make substitutions based on how the players are actually performing that game? When Caris has it going on, keep him in….and the same with Niang. Otherwise, get their asses off of the court and go to our deep bench! I know that might actually require some dynamic coaching but isn’t that what a coach gets paid to do?
The one thing that LeVert has done well this season as being able to deliver in the clutch. I believe he has the 2nd most clutch points in this team behind Donovan. There was a stretch last season after the trading deadline where he had a steal in the 4th quarter for like 10 games.

The problem I have with LeVert is the ball is stagnant when he is in. When he plays a lot of minutes on the floor he tends to shoot a lot and this season he has the worst FG% in his career at 41.8%. I feel players like Merrill, Wade, Okoro can offer more because they don’t need to shoot a lot of shots and make impact on the floor which allows the other key players to have easier buckets on offense.

If we are fully healthy in the playoffs, would JBB desperately put Merrill in? I’m not sure - I hope tonight was a reminder in what the offense is capable of having Merrill and Wade in.
Very nice win on the road without both DM and LeVert. Garland really stepped up. In his last two games he's an amazing 15-for-26 on 3's. He's only 2-for-17 on 2-point shots, however. He needs to get that floater going. His layup attempts are getting swatted.

The defense was excellent as Detroit shot just 37% overall and 28% on 3's. The Cavs outrebounded them 53-42 and limited the Pistons to 9 offensive boards after giving up 25 two nights ago.

Defense, rebounding, and 3-point shooting - that's a pretty effective combination. For the first time this season (I believe) the Cavs shot a higher percentage from behind the 3-point line than in front of it. They were just 15-for-42 on 2-point shots.

The Cavs had a chance to bury the Pistons when they were up by 26 in the second quarter, but got shut out the last four minutes and the Pistons finished the half on an 11-0 run. The same thing happened in the 4th quarter as they went almost three minutes without scoring and were outscored 10-0. But Merrill hit a huge 3 to break the ice and take off some pressure.

The Cavs scored just 10 points in the last 8:36 of the game and could have lost if not for great defense down the stretch. JBB put Allen, Mobley, and Wade on the court at the same time and made it very tough for the Pistons to score. They were stuck on 95 points from 4:33 to 2:30.

Garland and Mobley are really starting to show they are back to 100% four weeks or so after returning to the court.

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