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2023 Season | Series #40 | Tigers @ Guardians | Aug. 17-20, 2023

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Riley Greene says..."..escuchame Javey.. puedo hacer el juego de la guante de oro tanbien..."
I mean if you been watching this shit team all season, you'd understand we are the on same level as the Oakland A's at home.

Some home field advantage.

Changes must come, hopefully they will come, but something tells me they won't spend in FA after Bell and Zunino. They'll proceed with caution.
Big Sam.. one pitch.. one out..
What Badoo just did there.. a sharp single the other way (great play by Kwan to get to the ball to hold Badoo to a single) is what Gimenez needs to do.. A LOT MORE of...
Matt Underwood is usually 1 strike too quick on calling a strikeout or 1 out too late on calling the inning over.
I wonder what Brennan's BA is on pitches out of the zone. He has good enough bat-to-ball skills to get to most balls but the contact he makes is so soft, if only he learned how to lay off them.

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