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one of our interns.. made it. sadly, it was approved. Being one in the sports program in Akron, I really hate this whole "Bowden Ball" shit we keep doing. I really hate it. I mean, he is the third best coach on the campus yet he is made out to be a god. I really don't get it.

A few reasons why it works:

1) Name one player on the current Zips football team the average person walking down the street - or even average student walking on campus - could name. When you don't have any marquee names, you promote a successful coach with a legendary last name.

2) Basketball and soccer have been very successful in recent memory. Football was embarrassing bad the last two seasons. Basketball and soccer can promote team success to draw fans. Football (right now, anyway) only has a well-known coach, so that's what they are using to promote the team.
If true, Diggs still put pussy in front of the team.

He's a dumbass for associating with that woman, and now he has paid the price. It's a shame, I would think we would have been the co-favorite with Ohio to win the conference this year. Without Diggs' ability to drive, we aren't left with a very solid slashing wing presence. Hopefully Tree can come through for us.

Tree is a 4...

Harney is the guy we are looking to step up, and he can definitely do it. It was OU or Kent at our place last year where he completely took over.
one of our interns.. made it. sadly, it was approved. Being one in the sports program in Akron, I really hate this whole "Bowden Ball" shit we keep doing. I really hate it. I mean, he is the third best coach on the campus yet he is made out to be a god. I really don't get it.

You act like being the "3rd best coach on campus" is a bad thing. I mean we have pretty good coaching for our major sports, so there is no reason to disrespect anybody. He probably is the 3rd best coach on campus. I would rate it 1)Porter 2) Tressel 3) Bowden 4) Dambrot.
Unfortunately our top 2 coaches will not be coaching next year, which makes Bowden #1. No disrespect to Dambrot, but he hasnt taken a team undefeated in the best conference of his sport.
Also, fuck a bobcat. go zips!
The Zips soccer team has beaten WVU, UM, and OSU within one week. Although expected, I thought it was pretty cool.
Things are not off to a good start for Zips basketball. First, they lose Quincy Diggs in the offseason. Then Alex Abreu turns his ankle in practice. Icing on the cake occurs when they learn 48 hours before their road game at Coastal Carolina that Demetrius Treadwell and Nick Harney must sit the first three games due to compliance failing to file necessary paperwork for the pair of forwards. The Zips, forced to start two two freshmen, lose in OT, with another loss likely coming against Oklahoma State.

Akron will be fine in the long run, but it seems like they really missed an opportunity to start the season strong against solid competition.
Zips Basketball 2012-2013 Schedule

Fri, Nov 9 @ Coastal Carolina; L, 74-70 OT, 0-1 (0-0)
Mon, Nov 12 vs John Carroll; W, 97-53, 1-1 (0-0)
Thu, Nov 15 vs Oklahoma State; L, 69-65 OT, 1-2 (0-0)
Fri, Nov 16 vs UNC-Asheville; W, 82-63, 2-2 (0-0)
Sun, Nov 18 vs Penn State; W, 85-60, 3-2 (0-0)
Sun, Dec 2 vs Middle Tennessee
Sun, Dec 9 @ #14 Creighton
Sat, Dec 15 @ Detroit
Tue, Dec 18 vs Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Sun, Dec 23 vs Cleveland State
Thu, Dec 27 vs Texas Southern
Sun, Dec 30 vs Princeton
Wed, Jan 2 vs Coppin State
Wed, Jan 9 vs Western Michigan
Sat, Jan 12 @ Northern Illinois
Wed, Jan 16 vs Ball State
Sat, Jan 19 @ Kent State
Wed, Jan 23 @ Toledo
Sat, Jan 26 vs Buffalo
Wed, Jan 30 @ Bowling Green
Sat, Feb 2 vs Ohio
Tue, Feb 5 vs Central Michigan
Sat, Feb 9 @ Miami (OH)
Wed, Feb 13 @ Eastern Michigan
Sat, Feb 16 vs Bowling Green
Sat, Feb 23 vs TBA (BracketBusters)
Wed, Feb 27 @ Ohio
Sat, Mar 2 @ Buffalo
Tue, Mar 5 vs Miami (OH)
Sat, Mar 9 vs Kent State
Congratulations to Akron Men's Soccer for winning their NINTH consecutive MAC Championship today!
Zips football finishes 5-7, which, compared to where they were before, is a pretty huge success.
That Michigan loss really stings...being at the 1 yard line and not being able to convert. Would have really been the highlight W they needed. 5 wins is huge for that team, but being able to walk in and say hey look, we took out Michigan this process is working.... would have been a big sell to recruits.
2014 Akron Basketball Recruiting: PG Noah Robotham Commits to Akron
By Brandon Hickey

Keith Dambrot and the Zips picked up another point guard to add to the rotation.

The distance between Bishop Gorman Catholic High School in Las Vegas, Nevada and James A. Rhodes Arena is a little over 2,100 miles, but that didn't deter Noah Robotham from making his decision on where to play college basketball. The Bishop Gorman point guard picked Akron over Boston College and San Jose State (reportedly) among others as the school where he would continue his academic and basketball career.

Robotham announced his commitment this afternoon on his Twitter account:

Robotham led his high school to three straight Nevada state championships and averaged sixteen points and seven assists this year. He was rewarded for his efforts with the Gatorade Player of the Year for the state of Nevada, a pretty impressive achievement. Bishop Gorman is known for putting players in Division I schools and Robotham was able to play with a consensus top ten recruit in Stephen Zimmerman.

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As you can see from the videos Robotham has great touch on his passes. He excels getting the ball into the post and is fantastic on the fast break. His jump shot is pretty good too, as he can hit the short ones in the corner or step back and nail the three-pointer. Being active on defense also shows up in Robotham's tapes. His quick hands help create loose balls and easy steals which he converts into fast break points most of the time. He's the definition of a true point guard.

Something coaches will love about Robotham is his attitude towards the game. He's not a selfish point guard and is quick to credit teammates when asked about personal accolades. The most telling quote may be this, from an article in the Las Vegas Review Journal: "I've never been a 'me' or 'I' kind of guy. I just want to win."

When looking at what's written about Robotham, one word keeps coming up: leadership. Gorman coach Greg Rice had glowing things to say about the newest Zip in this article, including being the "ultimate leader" of the team. That's what you want in a point guard, and Robotham seems to have embraced the team leader role.

Another thing to consider about Robotham is the level of competition he has already played against. With Gorman playing a national schedule, he had the chance to go up against some of the best competition the country has to offer. If he was able to play well against the best high school teams in the nation, imagine what he could do in the MAC.

With the Akron point guard situation in a bit of a flux, Robotham has the chance to come in and start right away. That probably won't happen with the more experienced Carmelo Betancourt still on the roster, but he'll likely compete for the backup job with Nyles Evans. From watching the highlight videos you can see he excels in transition, which is something that Keith Dambrot seems to want to do more and more often. Although he's the last member of the class, he might end up being one of the most important contributors to this Akron team next season.



Never knew the mascot's name was Pete, but now I do lol.

In all seriousness, hope it works well for Tressel at YSU.

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