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Beer snob thread!


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Jul 6, 2009
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I have a weakness for raspberry. I rate everything with raspberry artificially high. Really my only deviation from objectivity that I've noticed so far.

Was your beer by any chance "Red & Blue Popsicle"? The Answer is really good. They're at Snallygaster In DC every year, and they brought that beer last year.
Yessir!! Red and blue triple puffsicle!
I used to work a half mile from the Answer. By far my favorite brewery. Hardest part about leaving Richmond was leaving the breweries in that town. An, the owner of the Answer, is one of the best guys in beer. Self made man who does a ton for the community and is always giving back

Jking you’re in DC right? Aslin is one of my favorite breweries and they just opened a tap room in Alexandria
yeah, I legit almost went to Aslin this weekend. I love their IPAs. Maybe I’ll go next week. Are you in the DC area now? Either of you guys go to the DC Browns Backers at Blackfin?

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