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Jul 12, 2014
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Also, let's not forget that Jaret Wright had just pitched a game 7 gem in the world series... as a rookie. Hard to part with that, though yes Pedro was clearly a stud.

ETA: also, Pedro was coming up on a contract. Given the Indians history at the time, and hindsight... do we even re-sign him?
Certainly I would have.

But I think Jacobs would have balked.

Then again, having traded so much for him, they may have been forced to do it while perhaps parting ways with a high-priced bat.

I am not sure of the particulars of that season's roster, they had Sexson and Giles still, they probably could have parted with one of the high-priced guys (Justice? Whiten?) and not seen much if any drop in offensive production.

But Pedro would have changed everything I think. Especially come playoff time because that is the major weakness was having to start Nagy against an ace. Having Nagy as the 2nd pitcher takes a lot of pressure off and greatly lengthens the odds of winning a 7 Game series.

Because you can have Pedro pitch three games in a seven game series, Nagy twice, and only have to worry about Burba, Finley or Ogea pitching once.

The problem was always that other teams had their ace against whom Nagy was usually outmatched. And you could rely on Nagy for one win, and one good outing. And one good outing from Orel. And then one good outing from one of the other three. There just wasn't enough dominating pitching. The Indians only got to Game 7 in 1997 because of the highly unlikely happenstance of a rookie pitching like an ace twice.

So for Pedro coming in for 1998, it makes a lot of difference against the Yankees when you can throw Martinez against Petite or Wells, and then you have a very good shot with Nagy and Burba/Ogea in other games.

You aren't asking poor Chuck Nagy to match an ace every series.


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Jan 10, 2009
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'98-'00 Burba was our best pitcher not named Colon (who would have been gone in the Pedro deal), and Finley was a stud in '00.

It would have been nice to add Pedro to the mix with them, but I'm not sure there was any chance Dick Jacobs was ever going to spend the money Pedro ended up receiving.

He made over $11 million in '99 on the second year of his 6+1 deal for $75 mill + $17 mill.

Here is the list of players that have made $10 million+ in a season for the Indians
Juan Gonzalez, 2000 - $10 million (one year deal)
CC Sabathia, 2008 - $11 million (traded midseason)
Jake Westbrook, 2008-10 - $31 million
Kerry Wood, 2009-10 - $20.5 million
Travis Hafner, 2009-12 - $49 million
Derek Lowe, 2012 - $15 million (Braves paid $10 million and he was cut midseason for Corey Kluber to come up)

Starting in 2013 it became much more regular with Asdrubal, Swisher, and Bourn all cracking $10 million by 2014. Followed by numerous other players over the last handful of years.

I guess this is a long way of saying that Pedro made $92 million in seven years playing for Boston and we didn't start handing out money on that level until the latter half of this decade (about 20 years later).


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Sep 26, 2019
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Its often commented that hindsight is 20-20. I don't know if that is fully accurate but hindsight does remove much fog of the unknown.

If the cost to acquire Pedro J (different from Pedro A Martinez who pitched around the same time) was 1 of Wight or Colon along with other pieces, I suspect the deal would have been made. But the Expos wanted both Wright & Colon & the other pieces.. I can respect Hart/ Jacobs being hesitant. While Orel was at the end of the road, there wasn't too much time remaining for both Nagy & Burba.

IF Pedro wasn't resigned (& he would have had a TON of leverage), the pitching staff would have been in shambles & the assets to fill the gaps would have been gone.

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